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On a more positive note, I've recently completed a prequel to The Port Director.  A Smaller War is intended to be the first in the series of Ted Bean books.  For those who haven't yet read  The Port Director [he said hopefully], it is set in the early 20-teens and deals with post-9/11 conflicts as Ted and his wife pursue terrorists.  A Smaller War is set in the Vietnam War era, and takes Ted from high school and a taste of college to a tour in the Army.   Learning about love in the least likely places, he ultimately finds himself on a Quixotic mission to defend the country from peace activists. I've projected a few more books to bridge the chronological gap between these two narratives as Ted continues to struggle with relationships and the issues of the times. 

I've got a "completed" novel manuscript sitting on the shelf because it's semi-scifi and the science keeps changing.  The poor book needs updating before I push it out into the world.