Fishing boats of Mumbai

                      Downtown Paramaribo

                                      Here to There
Much of my life I’ve wrestled
With the question of getting from
Here to There.
Whichever Here,
Whichever There,
The gulf was always broad,
The obstacles passing formidable.
Here to There.


All the frustration and futility of life
In three words.

Older now, I'm surprised
To realize my thinking is more
Often concerned with
There to Here.
The switchbacks and curves
Of whence I came--
Not so much  for nostalgia's sake
(I seem to miss more the times I missed,
Than those I actually had)

There to Here
For me, now means
Lessons learned in courses
I never dreamed existed.

They look at my hat
Or me for wearing it.
Doubtless some think that I'm odd

If it warms my brain,
Shields the sun from my eyes
Why offer fashion a nod?

I also see smiles,
Hear the murmur of jokes
Excuse me for spreading joy.

Sometimes women stare.
Pausing as they do
To quicken the heart of this boy.

Sitting in front of the Warsaw mermaid who, legend says, saved the city long ago.